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Pastoral Summary

Welcome to the history section of our website. From this index, you may browse our comprehensive history by reading our history in story form.

Content is always being added. The latest update was in June, 2015. We are working to complete the parish history. If you have material that you would like to submit, please contact the webmaster.

St. Alphonsus Catholic Parish, Peru, nestled in a peaceful rural setting in Central Huron County, began in the fall of 1828, not by design but because a pioneer's wagon broke down beyond repair.

Several determined souls heading toward a new life in Cincinnati decided to settle in this wilderness rather than traveling on. The exact number of German speaking French immigrants who were in the small bedraggled looking wagon train is not known for sure. It is certain the following were with the group. Joseph Carabin, 51; his wife, Katherine Bauer Carabin, 45; their children, Peter, 23,; Augustus, 21; Elizabeth, 19; Isadore, 14; Joseph, 9; Lewis, 7; Carolyn, 6; and Francis, 4; Clement Baumgartener, 29; Peter, 12; Catherine, 10; Antone, 8; Jean Baptiste, 2; and a female relative, Francesca Bauer, 42, who was an aunt of Peter Bauer. (1)

Early historical accounts report the Anton Phillips family was included. Also present parishioners report from family history that Agatha Burger Schonacker and her three sons were among the original settlers. Ships rolls from August 2, 1828 to March 1829 from New York do not show these names as having arrived at this time.

The Carabin family was from Lutzelbough, France and the Bauer family was form Phalzbourg, France. (2)Both German speaking towns in Alsace Lorraine.

The first families had made the monumental decision to leave their homeland for various reasons. Dreams of low land prices ($5 an acre at the time), faith in American democracy and a chance to make a new life were all factors in the decision to leave their war-torn country. Many families had lost their husbands and sons fighting in the Napoleonic wars of the early 1800's.

I. Parish Beginnings II. Parish Roots III. First Church
IV. St. Michael, The Archangel V. First School VI. Francesca Bauer
VII. First Rectory VIII. Church Dedication IX. Father Prost & Peru
X. Father Freygang Came XI. John N. Neumann XII. Sanguinist Fathers Serve
XIII. Sisters of the Precious Blood XIV. Father Peter Carabin Returns XV. Brick Parsonage
XVI. Three Bells From New York XVII. Brick School XVIII. Early Risers
XIX. Church Renovation XX. "Grand Picnic" XXI. Frame Rectory
XXII. Convent XXIII. Toledo Diocese XXIV. Bake Sales
XXV. Parish News XXVI. Birthday Club XXVII. World War II
XXVIII. Golden Crown XXIX. Bells Again XXX. School Remodeling
XXXI. Church Renovation XXXII. School Closed XXXIII. Recent Renovations
XXXIV. Bicentennial Celebration XXXV. Another Pastor Leaves XXXVI. 1978
XXXVII. New Appointments XXXVIII. Saint Among Us XXXIX. Log Home Moved


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