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The German speaking immigrants crossed the atlantic by ship with wagons loaded with their meager belongings and some grain from their homeland. They docked at Birth 427 in New York, October 2, 1828. There were 578 persons aboard the ship. They had embarked from Havre, France. (3)

at the time, a normal voyage from Europe to New York took about 35 days, all of them anxious days for the immigrants. They probably left Europe after summer harvesting. Having sold their cash grain they embarked on their tremendous journey to a new home in a strange land.

Upon their arrival in America they undoubtedly bought oxen and then traveled the river and Erie Canal system to Lake Erie and Portland (now called Sandusky). From there they were heading to Cincinnati and Bishop Fenwick, whom they had contact with in Europe.

On November 7, 1828, perhaps a couple of weeks after their arrival, Joseph Carabin purchased land from Timothy Baker. (4)

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