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St. Alphonsus Peru
Past, Present and Future
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The bells of St. Alphonsus were purchased in 1873. Peter and Margaret Hohler donated $1000 that paid for the big bell. According to the parish financial record the total cost for all three was $1,737. The parish collected subscriptions for the bells totaling $1,614 and the remaining $123 was paid by Father Evrard.
They were made at the Meneely Bell Foundry at West Troy, New York. There is a Latin inscription on each bell. On the largest was written, “In honor of God under the title of St. Peter”, the next smaller bell's inscription read, “In honor of God under the title of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, and the smallest read, “In honor of God under the title of St. Alphonsus”. The weight of the bells was 1,763, 928 and 558 pounds respectively. They were run as chimes on special occasions such as High Mass or weddings. For everyday occasions only one bell was rung. (30)
The 928lb Bell. To the right was where the largest bell was before its removal.
The 558lb bell. "In Honor of God under the title of St. Alphonsus."
They were blessed on December 24, 1873 by Reverend Charles Evrard. In 1952, The largest bell was broken and removed. The other two bells still call parishioners to services. If the wind and atmosphere are just right the bells' clear chimes can be heard for miles around – just a gentle reminder to area residents of our ever present God.
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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese