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In 1890, the church was completely renovated. A new sanctuary and a new roof and ceiling were provided, carrying the Gothic design throughout the church. Sacristies were built, extending the north end of the church. It was then that the original Bedford stone was covered with plaster. The Smola Brothers from Fremont were the contractors for the work on the church. The total cost of the remodeling and renovation was $10,124. Subscriptions and collection paid by parishioners totaled $5,562. They held a “fair” in the church before the pews were put in and realized $1,821 for their efforts.

A member of St. Alphonsus parish entered this informative article in the Norwalk Experiment Newspaper in May, 1890:

“St. Alphon's Church will be rebuilt. Work for repairing the St. Alphon's Catholic Church at the German Settlement has begun. The contract was let to a Fremont Architect. The north wall will be torn down and an addition of twenty feet in length will be added; the roof of the old church will be entirely removed and the entire structure will then be build five feet higher and a new roof will take its place. The stones were drawn from the Bronson quarries. The walls and roof are to be completed by October `, 1890, whereupon the interior will be refitted and repainted. The old windows will be removed and new ones will take their place and it will be provided every convenience. This had been a long needed improvement and when completed it will be one of the handsomest and most beautiful churches in the country and an ornament of the German community.”

Excerpts from a newspaper section devoted to the settlement in 1897 describe the church as follows: “The church is a beautiful building of sandstone. The tower reaching towards heaven is topped by a golden cross, can be seen for many miles in all directions and bells invite people to prayers on Sunday.”

“The inside is very practical. The organ is discovered at the entrance while the altar and sacristies fill the back part of the church. The Chancellory (pulpit) is built on the left side and can be reached by a winding staircase. Many stained glass windows throw subdued magic light on the inside.”
“There are very few congregations with much larger numbers who can point to a more beautiful house of God.”

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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese