St. Alphonsus Peru
Past, Present and Future
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In the small band were two people to whom St. Alphonsus owes its parish roots. One was Peter Carabin, son of Joseph, who had been studying for the priesthood. Bishop Fenwick wanted to ordain him and send him into the Indian Missions. The other was Francesca Bauer, the “hermitess”, aunt of Peter Bauer, an exiled French nun.

In the early days of the settlement, Fr. John Henni traveled from Canton to attend to the immigrant's spiritual needs. Sister Francesca also helped with teaching and spiritual guidance. After settling, she built for herself a hut in the woods to lead a life of undisturbed prayer. This earned her the name “Waldschwester” or “Sister of the Woods”. Little did she realize that her planned life of solitude would take such a change.

In 1829, Bishop Edward Fenwick visited the settlement to ask young Carbin, who was 23 and a subdeacon, to join him in Cincinnati. The Bishop knew that Peter Carabin had good morals, conduct and average talents with a great capacity to work. Peter Carabin did go to Cincinnati, was ordained and eventually became very proficient in the tongues of various tribes of North American Indians, which earned him travels into the uppermost regions of the United States.

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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese