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Past, Present and Future
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During the pastorate of Fr. Thomas Maria Kolb, the brick parsonage was torn down and replaced with a frame house that is still standing. It was the feeling at the time that the brick house was unhealthy. It was damp and because of the nearness of the swamps across the road, and he felt, prone to disease. There are still some bricks from the brick house in the present basement. Fr. Kolb took up residence in the home at the corner of State Route 61 and Settlement Road now owned and occupied by Mrs. Albert Hauler, during the construction. The cost of the new parsonage was $4,074; $3000 of which was borrowed from the bank.
(Father Kolb is noted for having hand carved the ornate decorations for the new altars. He used a pocketknife and demonstrated a professional skill.)
This picture is of Father Kolb at the Alter he carved at St. Patrick's in Bascom Ohio (now part of All Saints)
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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese