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Past, Present and Future
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In November of the same year the faith of St. Alphonsus parish was again demonstrated. The sisters formed the school children in a Communion brigade. These groups of children were to receive Communion on designate days for the parish boys serving in World War II. Also a novena to the sacred heart was begun and lasted the duration of the war, and the parish was very faithful to this.
During the war Fr. Lambillotte wrote regular letters to the service men. These letters were mimeographed and sent to each parish boy. By making himself the center of communications he kept all the boys informed of each others whereabouts, what they were doing and of the parish goings-ons.

Father did this again for the many young men in the Korean conflict of 1950-1953.

In 1943, a letter from the Rt. Reverend Chancellor read, “in returning to you this canceled time worn note which has been in the possession of Huron County Banking Company since 1930, let me congratulate your parishioners for managing to clear the debt of the parish.” The parish was free of debt once again.

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