St. Alphonsus Peru
Past, Present and Future
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The plastered native stone church was “bricked over” in 1970. New brass doors were installed at this time and the building received a new roof.

In 1973, after much discussions at parish meetings, it was finally decided to install a modern kitchen in the parish hall. The women of the parish, with great joy, cleaned and filled the cupboards with dishes. The new facilities have been appreciate very much by everyone as it is in almost constant use for many activities such as anniversaries, meetings, graduations, and youth activities including our fist summer festival in 1975 after a 20 year lapse.

In 1972, the St. Alphonsus Day celebrations were re-instituted under the direction of Fr. Shenk. These are attended every year by a large percentage of parishioners, young and old.

On the day after Christmas in 1975, some 35 men of the parish began a renovation program that stretched from the insulation of the church ceiling (even though they were once told it couldn't be done) through the beautification of the inside of the house of God, to the restoration of the basement to its natural beauty.

The newly created even member parish council with the solid backing of Fr. Shenk saw this program through to satisfaction. The Winterick Co. of Solon, Ohio was awarded the performance of the redecoration of the church. The total billing was $33,943. Their work began in February, 1976. The plaster was repaired and painted from ceiling to floor. Benches were repaired and finished; a new lectern and statue for the holy family were designed and made; the altars and communion railing were re-cut to fir the needs of the designer.

New carpet was laid in June, 1976 and Wasiniak Construction removed the brick from the outside of the two sanctuary windows that were bricked over in 1958.

Again for the first time in nearly 20 years the Lord gave the parish the early summer sun through the colorful stained glass windows to help make the 125 year old building a serene place in which to worship.

The people of the parish cooperated very faithfully through the newly instituted ox roast festivals to raise money and parish spirit. Many work days effectively saved the parish an estimated $15,000 and helped build strong parish unity. Consider an insulation bid for $3,800 which was performed for $800 with the help of the men of the parish who crawled over the vaulted ceiling, like squirrels, with staplers.

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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese