St. Alphonsus Peru
Past, Present and Future
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An artists conception of the first church grounds. Rectory is adjacent to church (center)

The first rectory was erected on the east side of the wagon road but was abandoned in 1834 because of inadequacy. In Fr. Rupert's history the abode was described as such: “The brothers sleep in the garret on the floor, which consists of single planks laid side by side over the beams. One had to step carefully from one board to the other. If Brother Aloysius should happen to fall out of bed some night he would pursue his career to the lower story, though not, thank God, to the lower regions.”
In May, 1833, revered Francis Xavier Tschenhens came with $200 to finish the priest's house and furnish the church. Upon his arrival, he gave a formal two weeks mission which was reportedly quite a success. Fr. Tschenhens was given permission to establish a German Foundation (monastery) at St. Alphonsus or elsewhere in Ohio (11)

at about the same time another pastoral residence was started by the settlers. Visiting priests stayed with local families during their stay during the construction. It was located at the southeast corner of the church so that a passage way between the house and sacristy offered privacy from passers-by and safety from the weather as the priests came to and from the church. The residence was reportedly quite a mansion for the times, being constructed of hewn logs and standing one and a half stories high. Most buildings of that time were only one story and made of round logs, so the settlers obviously spent many hours building what they thought was a fine pastor's residence. (12)
In a letter to the Bishop Purcell, January 13, 1834, Fr. Tschenhens says “that Peru numbers fifty Catholic families, and that from fifteen to sixty miles away there are a number of small congregations varying from ten to sixty families; Germans, Irish, and French Canadians, with the Germans predominating.” He proposed that two priests be stationed at Peru; one to attend the home parish, and the other to give missions in the surrounding country. (13) It was at this time that Fr. Peter Czakert was stationed at Peru.

The first entry on the written records happened during this time. It was made by Fr. Tschenhens on June 1, 1834 when he baptized Frank Anthony, son of Anthony and Margaret Haemann.


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