St. Alphonsus Peru
Past, Present and Future
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Fr. Charles Evrard was born at Metz, France, on June 13, 1822. He was ordained at Versailles in 1845 and served as a chaplain and parish priest for five years before coming to Ohio. Fr. Evrard became pastor of St. Aloysius on September 15, 1850. During his tenure the church and a rectory were built. From 1854 to 1867, Fr. Evrard served at St. Mary's and St. Joseph's in Toledo. He declined a transfer to Fort Jennings, and was left without a charge for several months until returning to Peru on August 1, 1868. Fr. Evrard died while serving as pastor of St. Joseph's, in Tiffin, on May 11, 1885.

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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese