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Past, Present and Future
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Below is the list of all the pastors of St. Alphonsus. Some of them have their own information page. If you have information on any of the pastors that you would like to share, please email Webmaster..
1831-1883 Fr. Frederick Rese
1832 Fr. F.X. Haetcher
1833-1840 Fr. F.X. Tchenhens
Summer 1835 Fr. Simon Saenderl
1835-1838 Fr. Peter Czakert( Assistant, 1835-1838 )
1838-1839 Fr. Joseph Prost (Assiastant)
1840 Fr. Matthias Wuerz
1840 Fr. Henry Damien Junker
1840 Fr. Basil Schorb
1840 Fr. Joseph McNamee
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1840-1841 Fr. Joseph Freigang
July ? November 1841 St. John Nepomucene Neumann, C.SS.R.
First American Redemptorist Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia Declared Heroic in Virtue 1921 Declared Blessed in 1963 Declared Saint June 19, 1977
1841-1843 Fr. F.X. Tchenhens
November 1842-January 1844 Rev. L. Mathias Alig, C.SS.R.
Spring 1884 Fr. Bonaventure Faulhaber
1844-1847 Very Rev. Francis Brunner, C.PP.S.

Rev. John van der Broek, C.PP.S. | Rev. Mathias Kreusch, C.PP.S. | Rev. Peter Anton Capeder, C.PP.S | Rev. Maria Anton Meyer, C.PP.S. | Rev. Jacob Ringele, C.PP.S. |
Rev. John Wittmer, C.PP.S.
Members of the Precious Blood who came with Rev. Brunner.

1847-1850 Rev. Peter Carabin, Pastor
First signature in records November 25, 1847
1848-1849 Rev. Jacob Ringley
September 1850-December 1853 Rev. Charles Evrard
April 1854-April 1855 Rev. Jacob Hamene
January 1855-August 1861 Rev. J.P. Dolweck
September 1861-March 1862 Rev. Marie Anton Meyer, C.PP.S.
January 1862-June 1866 Rev. Andrew Magenheim
April-August 1866 Rev. F.S. Obermiller
June ? August 1866 Rev. N. Moes, Assistant
September ? December 1866 Rev. E. Haemers, Assistant
? 1866 Rev. Damback, Assistant
January 1867-May 1868 Rev. Frederick C. Ludwig, Pastor
May ? August 1868 No Pastor
Summer of 1870 Rev. Joseph Fruzzini, S.J., Assistant Rev. Hieber, Assistant
Rev. Huhn, Assistant
August 1868-December 1873 Rev. Charles Evrard
1884 Rev. Bonaventure Faulhaber, S.F., Assistant Assistants here a short time spring 1884
1874-1888 Rev. Michael Dechant
January 1888-March 8th 1895 Rev. Joseph Blaser
March 9th 1895-June 1897 Rev. Michael Baker
June 1897-December 1899 Rev. Leon Lentsch
January ? May 1900 Rev. Rosenberger
May 1900-June 1909 Rev. Thomas Maria Kolb
June 1909-December 1911 Rev. John Bertemes
June 1912-August 1915 Rev. A.G. Herman
September 1915-Spring 1917 Rev. Nicholaus Espen
Spring 1917-December 1921 Rev. Albert J. Aust
January 1922-March 19th1930 Rev. Alexander W. Hasenberg
March 1930-March 1935 Rev. J.B. Fralick
April 1935-June 1953 Rev. Marcellus R. Lambillotte
June 1953-June 1970 Rev. Leo P. Williams, Pastor
1970-1972 Rev. Thomas E. Reynolds, Pastor Sister parish of St. Mary's Norwalk
1970-May 1971 Rev. Herman Scherger, Assistant
May 1971-May 1972 Rev. Thomas Ankenbrandt, Assistant
1972-1977 Rev. Bertrand Shenk, Pastor
1977-1983 Rev. J. Norbert Howe
1983-1987 Rev. Raymond Fisher
1987-1988 Rev. Herbert Willman
1988-1994 Rev. Michael Schelling
1990-2013 (death) Deacon George Stepanic
1994-2004 Rev. Nelson Beaver
2004-2008 Rev. Ken Lill
2008-Present Rev. William Pifher
2013-Present Deacon Michael Wasiniak
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St. Alphonsus is located in the Toledo Diocese